Wearables and Digital Health

Do you find yourself lacking the time to explore personal tech projects? Do you want an immersive tech challenge experience? If yes, then the second annual Hackvie is your chance to do that and more! 
HackVie 2019 is being held in Champaign-Urbana, at the AbbVie Innovation Center (AIC), and is open to all BTS employees. Teams will be created mixing AbbVie employees and students working at the AbbVie Innovation Center over the summer, providing a terrific opportunity for you to learn more about the ambitious and innovative talent, available at the AIC

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All BTS Employees


Each team will be given a Raspberry Pi and a number of sensors. It’s up to you to come up with a quick, ingenious solution. 

Teams will not be limited to Raspberry Pi only and will be allowed to use other equipment, as long as it is not related to your current work (at the office). If you want to use special equipment in advance of the event, your team will have to notify the organizers in advance. 

We want to reward ideation, thinking and novel solutions. This is an opportunity to work differently. 

Maker Lab will be available to partner with for the usage of a 3D Printer and other materials.


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Mike Carlin

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Philip Hajduk

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Francis Yanuzzi

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Francisco Rausa

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Andrew Goldberg

Judging Criteria

  • General Criteria
    Submissions will be judged in the following categories: Best Functioning Prototype Impact to Business Most Innovative Spirit Award – non AbbVie related